Pimp And Preacher Both Begin With The Letter P #TNNS295

Pimp And Preacher Both Begin With The Letter P #TNNS295

Jamie Mack is still on his revolt against all robots and technology. He wants to know when technology reaches the point of just being enough. Do we really need a newer better mobile phone? They already do everything. I believe that our quest for new technology is actually a quest for immortality. Until we reach that, you will get a new iPhone every year.

I’m just trying to quiet my mind enough to meditate and reach immortality of the spirit long before computers figure it out. Jamie Mack recommends Deepak Chopra, but I am far too WOKE to rely on charlatans selling snake oil. Deepak is just a spiritual Preacher. And Preachers are just spiritual Pimps.

Jamie Mack has matured so much since moving to Georgia. Going back home on vacation showed him the signs of his development but also worked him up when having to experience it again. Now that he is back on Georgia soil, he wants to adopt fake people as some sort of atonement. Guess who his first case is going to be?

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