Pick A Woman You Don’t Mind Being Bored With #TNNS313

Pick A Woman You Don’t Mind Being Bored With #TNNS313

Jamie Mack doesn’t see age. He isn’t an ageist. he isn’t an age shamer. He also isn’t in his right mind. He wants to discuss whether age or experience is more important. His mind is telling him no…but his body. I happen to think that as part of our social contract, we have a responsibility to force young people to wait until they are a little older to put themselves in adult scenarios. I think that even though the legal age of consent is 16 in Georgia, those last 2 years make a big difference. French Reggy equates this to child soldiers. Back in his hometown, young people had guns, an attitude and will rob you. How can they be treated as kids? This may be the first time Jaye Smooth and I fully agree.

I think that my personality is that of a feeler. I am very in touch with everyone else’s feelings. I am kind and considerate. Everyone at the table disagrees with me. Which personality type are you? How accurate are these types of tests? They have to be accurate considering that so many companies use this test to group you. We discuss which types we are. Spoiler alert: Jaye Smooth thinks he is a giver.

Jaye Smooth may have changed. Well, he kept us wondering for at least 3 minutes. Turns out he needs relationship advice once again. In his past, he felt compelled to get new kitty every time he got bored. We let him know that marriage can be boring at times. You need to pick someone that you don’t mind being bored out of your mind with....


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