Philanthropic Sexual Harassment #TNNS348

Episode #348

Whenever we have a woman in the studio, it is the same story. Jaye Smooth starts bugging. This time is no different. Twin joins us and Jaye Smooth starts trying to impress immediately.

If you are the type of person that has a mission to save the world from many of its ills and also takes an interest in your own people, but you just happen to sexually harass a few women here or there...What do we do with you? If there is any balance in the world, we have to use that balance. But in this type of case where do we align? No one sides with the sexual harasser, right? But what if they have done things that have changed the culture and literally saved and made many lives better? If you immediately damn them without prejudice, you are not thinking this all the way through.

Jaye Smooth wants to test our friendship. He needs a co-sign on a car loan. He thought it was appropriate to ask me in a leverage play about our relationship. Even if I hadn't heard all the Ramsey lectures about not co-signing for anyone, I still would not have. Honestly, the past two years have been sketchy between us. Then you have to add in his lack of collateral and awful creditworthiness rating. Miss me.

It doesn't matter anyway. As it turns out Smoothies are for real. They do exist. Twins armor starts to crumble and her Smoothie juice starts showing through. Needless to say, Smoothie King may have earned some more Smoothies.



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