Peer Pressure Busts Pipes #TNNS489

Peer Pressure Busts Pipes #TNNS489

Episode #489

Jaye Smooth’s feet are finally back on the ground and boy is he disgruntled. I do agree that Mack wasn’t being much of a friend last week. If you heard the premium epsiode last week, you know how bad it got at a certain point. To Mack’s credit, Smooth entered this as a sober adult. He even said out loud “Peer Pressure doesn’t bust pipes” just before he took 20 mg of something he had never done before. Smooth doesn’t even understand why people do drugs. Escape of reality? Enhancement? He promises god that he will not try drugs again.

Either way, Smooth brings a guest. As per usual, Mack and I try to figure out how they know each other. He isn’t flirting this time, but he is protecting something. When was the last time you heard Smooth squirm? Don’t worry, we got you.

Our guest mentions the marathon and I couldn’t hold back. Weeks have passed and it would seem that many more things would have come to light if so many things were happening. I will wait. NOPE, I can’t. My skeptic mind won’t let me . What I have seen is almost everyone following the programming that they receive from social media. But where are the “real” works?

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