Peeking When You Pray #TNNS304

Peeking When You Pray #TNNS304

Jamie Mack has all but lost his religion. My wife thinks this is my fault. But I can only suggest that religion has run its course. My cohosts have to make the real decision on their own. Nonetheless, Jamie Mack wonders if it is even proper for a non-religious person to pray. I certainly don’t waste time on it. But he has noticed some people pretending to pray or doing it in vain. All I have noticed is that many religious people spend their prayer time looking around the room with me. It is funny to lock eyes with them and they quickly shut theirs and get back to God’s work.

Black people in America have more wealth than a few nations, yet we still can’t get over the hump. Other races are taking a foothold on our land and they started their trek after ours began. It can’t be all our fault, but we must take some of the blame. What can we learn from GE and Corporate America? Let’s start cutting the bottom10% every year and see how quickly we get on point.

French Reggy has some tips for speedy scar recovery but it requires something wet. Seriously, preventative health has always been an issue in this country. In most cases, the drug companies would rather you stay sick. And getting you sick is part of the process. Is it possible to have a system that intelligently finds your genetic and bacterial flaws before they make you sick?



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