Peeing On Yourself When You Aren’t Drunk #TNNS369

Is it a good idea to allow your girlfriends to unknowingly share sex toys? Jaye Smooth thinks that it is just fine. Actually, he is just tired of buying toys for women and never getting to use them. This has happened at least 5 times.

Next, we discuss being pass out drunk. Have you ever had the experience of forgetting an entire night of your life? Did your rectum hurt afterward? What about jail? We all have had our experience being that drunk. Turns out, it has happened to me more than anyone else on the show(Mack wasn't there). Mulitple times and multiple chunks have been removed from my memory.

What about being so drunk that you pee on yourself? I'm thinking no. We discover that someone on the show peed on themselves as an adult...not drunk...just asleep....


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