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Pea-Shooter Pelosi #BOBS047

Black On Both Sides
Pea-Shooter Pelosi #BOBS047

Episode #47

This epsiode marks one year in the books for Kunta and I. We appreciate each and every one of you for supporting us and sharing the show.

Heat in the streets this week is comprised of Mel B, Anthony Joshua, R Kelly, Dionne Warwick, 2 Chainz, Kelly Rowland, Drake, and Monique.

Meanwhile in politics, Mueller has said in far too many words that he never intended to attack a sitting president. Then he has stated in an equal amount of words that he provided Congress with the necessary information to do just that. Weeks later, no one has moved a muscle. Kunta is mad at Pelosi. I’m mad at Kunta. How could he think this was going to happen? Congress is shooting with a pea shooter. 20/20 is even stronger for His Orageness now.

Speaking of mad, what do you do when you impose tariffs on a country and no one bats an eye? You impose tariffs on another country much closer to home to see if any feathers are ruffled.

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