Past, Present, And Future French Reggy #TNNS393

Episode #393

Jamie Mack has been working a lot of hours at his new job. He barely makes it in time to record our show. For the rest of the month, he has no off days. Oddly, his boss just called a meeting to discuss which employees are willing to do more to get more. America has always been hard charging. At some point, they came out with the phrase work/life balance to offset the hard charge and allow people to balance everything out. My question is how did work become equal to life? Who said that is part of MY balance? I don't consider work as the equal and opposite of my life. I will just work on life balance.

French Reggy brings a clip about space-time continuum as it relates to quantum physics and the science of being but not being when the being is measured by the observer. In other words, Reggy needs to smoke weaker weed. What are memories and what are future visions? Are they a reality viewed from a different perspective? Or an imagined device used to trick us into thinking we exist in a time other than right now?...


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