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Pandemic Prosperity & Diaper Dreams

The No Nonsense Show Episode #610

Jamie Mack wants to expose everyone for doing better in the pandemic times. He feels that many people including his family are doing better in the face of the Corona Virus. Trust me, our family has had it worse. Jamie Mack is obviously balling. We got a new fence and our house painted. Reggy is not willing to take any job that comes along. Mack thinks this is a sign of us prospering during the pandemic.

Did you guys forget that Reggy was investing in a diaper business just before the pandemic happened. We thought this was a dead deal. NOPE! Reggy believes there is still a chance that he and the Nigerian will pull this off. even with the introduction of Mary who is still captive in China...thi deal is DEAD!

Even though French Reggy still looks 19, he is not willing to take a dateless girl to the prom. But it isn't because of his age. It is because his Milly Rock is the worst.

We talk guns in the apocalypse. Just know that you won't be able to carry all of your ammo with you while on the run.

Jamie Mack thinks it is time to give up certain positions. In our current age situations, we have to be more careful when it comes to freakyness.

Pandemic Prosperity & Diaper Dreams #TNNS610

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