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Pan A** N****

The No Nonsense Show Episode #650

French Reggy and Jamie Mack may be closer than Reggy and his least when it comes to touching lips. Guys swear they don't like kissing guys but will share a blunt in a minute. Smooth thinks they should just start shotgunning so that they don't need to touch lips.

Remember when French brought the pansexual topic to us? What sexual are you if you share a blunt with a man at least once a week? Speaking of pan, we dig a little deeper into French and his research of sexual orientations. Based on the talk we had, this is a growing condition. You have many sexual orientations to pick from. Which one would you be if you weren't hetero?

Jamie Mack wants to investigate why black businesses fail. Don't most businesses fail? Since this is the land of the free and anyone can be anything they want to be, doesn't that lend itself to an unsophisticated entrepreneur? Sounds like a one ingredient recipe for failure.

My wife thinks that I tend to bring topics that depress people. I don't agree. This week, I want to discuss how most people spend their whole lives living with no purpose. Then they die with no purpose. Are we okay not having a real reason to live?

Pan A** N**** #TNNS650

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