Packaged and Processed in Thailand

Packaged and Processed in Thailand

Black On Both Sides
Packaged and Processed in Thailand

Black On Both Sides Episode #107

I don’t eat Doritos. That shouldn’t be surprising. But what if I told you I have never had Doritos? Or chili? Kunta always seems so put off by my inability to eat like the rest of the world. I eat a lot of processed foods (so does everyone else). But Doritos is not one of those food items.

Meanwhile Kunta thinks he is better than the rest of us because he shops at Trader Joe’s. As if TJ’s doesn’t sell processed BS food also. Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, Trader Joe’s…none of them are really selling you better food. Fight me! Kunta reads the back of his most recent TJ’s purchase and Aha…processed. And processed in another country.

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California is back on Pandemic Lockdown. Meanwhile the vaccine is “ready”. Who is taking this? Everyone I speak with is saying that they aren’t but can it possibly become a mandatory thing? We don’t even know what the vaccine is actually successful at doing. Prevention? Transmission? Mortality? I am going to wait…Most likely a really long time.

Kunta wants Georgians to go back out and vote again. In order to get the Legislative branch to make any moves during this presidency, Dems need to get one of the two seats up for the taking.

Packaged and Processed in Thailand #BOBS107

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