Only Punch The Privileged #TNNS415

Episode #415

Jaye Smooth is gone but a waterbug came to take his place. Actually, he gave us a better topic than Smooth ever has. For those of you not familiar with the south, you have no idea what a water bug is. Think of a typical house roach on HGH. Jamie Mack is super scary. We always knew he was afraid of spiders. He is afraid of bugs.

I want to talk about our inability to punch down. For those of you who don't understand, in a social structure, a person can only say and do bad things to people above them in the structure. So if you have more privilege than someone, you don't have the right to say or do anything against them without getting flack from the social justice demons. Find your place and only punch up.

Reggy has yet another topic about...Do I even need to say it? Just listen and Sheh-da-sho!...


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