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Only Lesbians Understand How Hard It Is To Deal With Women #TNNS48

Jaye Smooth pays Tribute, Homage, or Omage to Stuart Scott. In the face of cancer, Stuart was seemingly steel-willed and a leader in a moment of crisis. Please understand that we do not make light of the situation. But had you been in the studio, you would understand why the struggle is real. In his first try, Jaye Smooth mentions that cancer is spreading and becoming an epidemic. Everyone starts laughing and it goes downhill from there. Jaye Smooth eventually gets through the intro after many attempts and being offered sex as a carrot from our guest (She never paid up).

New guest, Journi,  comes on the show to talk about her journey from straight to bisexual and back to straight-ish. Actually, she states that she has never been a lesbian.

B Honest wants to know what the appeal is for a woman to stop dealing with men, only to start dealing with women that act like men. Why not just stay with men? Apparently fake apparatuses do not get soft no matter how long they are in service. Beyond that, every woman has a tenderness that no man can offer.

O Dub continuously makes his play to offer his services nonetheless. Once he learns that Journi likes shaved privates, O Dubb offers to get a Brazilian wax. Little did she know, he had already been getting waxes.

B Honest tries his hardest to offend his guest by looking up lesbian stereotypes but unfortunately was disappointed by how many were true for her.

O Dubb figures out a way to piss her off by telling her that the reason she started messing with girls is that women can’t be satisfied. He and B Honest agree that men are better at being satisfied. O Dub follows this up with many insults including but not limited to: You are willing to have sex for money; You can’t possibly be able to perform oral sex well because of how you look; You don’t know women better than I do; You are not as nasty as I thought; You are selfish because you only want to give oral sex when you are on your period. O Dub goes back and forth between giving the guest props and then taking them all back.

This show is a wild ride down the rabbit hole....


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