One Too Many Baby Daddies #TNNS504

One Too Many Baby Daddies #TNNS504
The No Nonsense Show

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Episode #504

Jaye Smooth starts the show off serenading us with the lovely sounds of misery. It has been a minute since he dedicated a song to someone. He is in such a good mood, I couldn’t stop him.

Jamie Mack recommended another dud. I beg you. I beg you not to ever take his movie suggestions seriously. You have been warned.

How many kids…by how many baby fathers…makes a wayward woman? My number is low. I hold people to a high standard. However, I do have exceptions to redemption. Feathers will be ruffled.

I love women but Jamie Mack wants to spend the Tuesday show talking bad about women. He recognizes how superior men are to women. Now he wants to rub it in their faces that they have difficulty losing weight. Meanwhile men are fine tuned to shed the pounds with little energy exerted.

Jaye Smooth is on his way to hell. And he is taking at least one woman with him. He has no problem getting busy to gospel music.

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