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Once You Get Past The Pecker

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Once You Get Past The Pecker

The No Nonsense Show Episode #666

With an active shooter live in Colorado, and us being fresh on the heels of a mass spa shooting, it makes sense that the gun laws are about to get attacked again. Jamie Mack has never bought a stolen gun from a store, so he doesn’t seem to think cleaning up civilians homes of guns will bleed out into the guns in the street. I am all for gun rights, but how much collateral damage can we take?

Smooth made a comment last week about his daughter being surprised that he can still be on good terms with his exes. He still thinks there is a future for him where he falls in puppy dog love and lives happily ever after. Is this possible after age 45? How many septuagenarians do you know that met the love of their life that year? I fear that my brother is going to end up just hooking up with another tired of the streets person and call it a marriage.

Mack want us to rethink how we see Beauty Queens. Aren’t we tired of the same old carbon copy rail think blond with the outgoing personality? It is time we got some fresh ideas and acceptance for what it is to be beautiful. His words, “Once you get past the chromosome, it’s still coochie”. Jaye Smooth needs to be careful because this thinking could make its way into his dating. Not necessarily with extra chromosomes, though. There will be something extra…but once you get past the D*&%…

Once You Get Past The Pecker #TNNS666

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