Omar Umar

The No Nonsense Show Episode #563

My cohosts are constantly breaking the law. No surprise because I also break many laws. Today alone, I sped, jaywalked, changed lanes without using my signal, etc. There are many laws that we break. But there are also weird laws on the books that we didn't know we were breaking. I'm not sure anyone is breaking these, actually.

French gets caught in the Matrix and tries to bring us in to discuss his topic. Somewhere between the herbals and the intro of the topic we got lost at the french creole pronunciation of Omar and Umar.

Jamie Mack is willing to give it all up for even one day of unadulterated freedom for his family. He will take a dirt nap for even one summer of financial freedom that only his family will get to enjoy. The fellas agree. I don't.

Omar Umar #TNNS563

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