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Oh, You Meant The Other Mueller Report #BOBS041

Black On Both Sides
Oh, You Meant The Other Mueller Report #BOBS041

Episode #41

Russell Wilson signs a new contract and becomes the highest paid QB of all time. Little Future sits happily on his lap. How many men could put pride aside and accept something like this? Most men could not, but let me tell you a story about my reality.

Have you heard the one about the young teen that picked up a cellphone in the presence of a few police officers that had just arrested another kid for fighting? Pepper spray, a knee in the back, a few heavy handed face mushes, and a temple punch later…What have we learned?

So apparently the 4 pages that Barr presented was nothing like the 400 pages that Mueller presented. Can you blame them for taking their shot? Yes. Just be guilty and let’s get this over with. At some point we have to accept that even if his hands aren’t currently dirty, there has to be some dirt somewhere. Kunta is satisfied, but as usual, I want to add that this isn’t the first corrupt rodeo. Either way, will the real Mueller Report please stand up?

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