You are currently viewing Offering To Spit On My Penis…And Other Pickup Lines #TNNS257

Offering To Spit On My Penis…And Other Pickup Lines #TNNS257

Offering To Spit On My Penis And Other Pickup Lines #TNNS257

Jaye Smooth is the kind of guy that won’t just jump in cold water. He would rather ease in and deal with the pain of slow ball coverage. I rip band-aids off and I jump all the way into the deep end. Speaking of deep, Jamie Mack commends Jaye Smooth on submitting a deep topic this episode. There is no way (and trust me I have tried) to avoid Donald Trump and his journey to the pits of hell. Jaye Smooth is upset about the two American basketball players that were denied access back into Iran after holiday in Dubai. The retaliation from the world over Trump’s decision to stop some Muslim immigrants from entering the U.S. has made ripples around the world. I use this as an opportunity to ask the other hosts how they would make America Great again if it were their campaign. Jamie Mack makes sure the Coon Train is gassed up and ready for long distance travel.

Jamie Mack deviates from his original topic to let us know he has joined the debauchery club. Like the other hosts (except me) he has now visited a swinger club. His experience was not like everyone else’s. They would not let him take his fanny pack full of healthy wipes and antiseptic wash into the club. So he didn’t even want to sit on anything, much less allow someone to touch him. He even turned down the obvious proposal for oral sex simply because the woman asked him incorrectly. She asked if she could spit on his penis….he said no.

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