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Of Course Dark Skin Dudes Fight Better Than Light Skin Dudes #TNNS52

I am noticing a trend when Jamie Mack opens the show. His method of trying to make himself feel normal is to make sure the rest of the world is just like him. This week he softens the world to the idea that we are all obsessed. Jamie Mack has become obsessed with working out because he has a man-crush on Lt Daniels from The Wire. If Daniels can look that built at 50, Jamie Mack can do it too. Meanwhile, he needs to feel better about his obsession by telling us all that we obsess also.

We Fatten Jaye up With Knowledge this week by introducing a new segment. We have a trivia battle between Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth. The loser will challenge next episode’s guest. If the guest wins the next episode, they get a gift card.

The trivia goes just as I thought it would. But you will have to download to find out who won.

What do you guys think of NBCBLK? Is this network even necessary? Is there such a thing as black news? Do black people still require segmented entertainment? Does anybody even faithfully watch BET anymore?

I don’t think the answer to any of these questions is yes. I have a problem accepting that my news or entertainment needs to be filtered for me. I think I can figure out what to watch on my own.

When Jaye Smooth was younger he would only date light skinned women with long hair. Due to reality, he had to switch that up. But he still wants to know if everyone else was caught up on skin complexion. Before long he is hating on B Honest because he will not admit that he is black.

Kit breaks down how light skin dudes really are sensitive and that dark skin men need to be moisturized at all times (Think Belly in the Taral Hicks and DMX scene). Kit would not put money on me to win a fight because in her eyes it is obvious that dark skin guys have better fighting skills.

Jaye Smooth Goes on record saying that he is 35-5 lifetime in fights. This includes a fight with two gang members. Remind me to fact check that!...


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