You are currently viewing Obstruction is for Broke People #BOBS038

Obstruction is for Broke People #BOBS038

Black On Both Sides
Obstruction is for Broke People #BOBS038

Episode #38

Today is a Talk It Like I Bring It kind of day. No limits to where we could take the conversation. In fact, Master Percy has a new I got The Hook Up movie coming. Kunta may pass, but I am here for it. Speaking of the Bay Area, Kunta took a trip last week to the Bay and didn’t have what one would call a pleasant experience. But he did find out how Great America is by sampling some wholesome souther goodness in a restaurant.

Tampa Bay hires two female coaches as part of their Buccaneer staff. Can women effectively coach men’s sports at the highest level? IF it were your team, can you entrust women to motivate and educate men about football?

And finally the day has arrived. KingKunta has been waiting on this day for two years. The Mueller report has been turned in and Donald Trump is getting…………………NOTHING! After all this time, nothing. After all of the promises, nothing. We waited, waited, and waited some more. No Collusion. No Obstruction. Is it finally time to start accepting Trump 2020?

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