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Not Your Father’s Blackface

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Not Your Father's Blackface

The No Nonsense Show Episode #667

Mack believe that rodents can enter your house through the toilet. Sure, we have all seen the movie where the pile of rats overwhelms the NYC apartment building and climbs up 24 flights of plumbing pipe to get into the people’s house, right? NO!

There is a new COVID scare coming. We need to embrace for doom. At least that is what the new director of the CDC thinks. Or at least that is what she is saying to get the masses riled up for that vaccine. Are you getting yours? Let’s schedule mine for 5 years from today.

Have you heard of the latest white supremacists tool? It permeates social media into the belly of anti-social awareness. Your sister girl meme is not safe. This nonsense can be degrading to black people everywhere. We have to stand against the injustice of white people using black memes to be funny on social media. It is obviously not okay for a person of non-color to use the sister girl sass to make a point. These young people sure do know how to ruin a struggle.

Jamie Mack thinks that you are a fraud if you preach the word of fidelity and do not follow your own advice. I say you are the perfect person to convey the message. We don’t need high faulting do-gooders perched high upon their soap box telling all the sinning dogs that the are wrong for doing wrong. We need a lying piece of shitake willing to put 1st person experience into the world. This boots on the ground approach far trumps any message someone that has never done wrong could present.

Not Your Father’s Blackface #TNNS667

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