Non-Toxic Nonsense #TNNS456

Non-Toxic Nonsense #TNNS456

Episode #456

If you listen to this show, you know that French Reggy prides himself on his basketball prowess. Too bad he lost to an old guy. Jamie Mack took him to the court up the street and drug his millennial hindparts all across the half-court. One block, ten low post moves and 21 points later, Reggy conceded. How mad do you think Reggy was when Mack brought it up on the show?

Jamie Mack releases Reggy from his punishment and then starts in on Bird Box. Why all the social media attention, you ask? Jamie Mack has no idea. After watching it 4 times, he has more questions than answers.

How often do you need to communicate with someone to have a successful relationship? I happen to have the kind of bonds that stand the test of time. I can go months and even years without speaking to some of my friends and no love is lost in that time. But maybe I'm different. Jaye Smooth calls everyone, all the time. He never knows when he may need to use them.


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