No Woman Wants To Be Viola Davis In Fences #333

Episode #333

No Jamie Mack or Jaye Smooth. A continuation from Tuesday's show, French Reggy, and O Dubb help me bring you guys the premium show. French Reggy wants to talk about mental illness and its effects on culture. I believe that we are all just one good slap in the face away from the edge of the ledge. You have to know the ledge to keep command of it.

O Dubb is obviously a hopeless romantic. Every one of his topics is always about a relationship discussion gone wrong. But on the No Nonsense Show, we can look at it from a safe perspective. When women say they want a relationship like their grandma and grandpa they know what they are saying? I'm guessing, no. So you are telling me you want to be Viola Davis in Fences? Thought not....


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