No Welfare For Millenials #TNNS296

No Welfare For Millenials #TNNS296

Jaye Smooth is back in the building. Jamie Mack Could not make it. Jaye Smooth give s the weakest apology possible to the listeners and especially the Smoothies. Please write in and let him know that you deserve better than that. We are going to need a real apology. We need tears and regret. In any event, Jaye Smooth has had lots of experiences to speak about since being gone. However, He skips over all of those to tell us the story about his FedEx order that was placed in the driveway while it was raining. Be patient with him. Getting him tuned up to the new show is a work in progress.

On the heels of this we discuss French Reggy being offended that we roasted him for getting his degree. Surprisingly, Reggy feels like his degree means less than it did when he began his education. He is fearful that robots are truly taking over and that the workforce he was tossed into, has far less jobs than last decade. He feels that the next decade could mean zero jobs for him and his peers.Is universal basic income the answer? Is UBI even possible? French Reggy has a lot of explaining to do to get a skeptic like me to go for it. I believe that this is not different than welfare except it costs more. Where will the money come from? No welfare for these yougins.

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