You are currently viewing No Tithing…Jesus Doesn’t Work For Tips #TNNS244

No Tithing…Jesus Doesn’t Work For Tips #TNNS244

No Tithing...Jesus Doesn't Work For Tips #TNNS244

Jaye Smooth is so happy to be in the building. It seems that the ghost of O Dubb replacing him is still haunting his every thought. To compensate he offers us the ability to use his flexible spending to fix our teeth. Thanks, Jaye Smooth.

Even still, Jaye Smooth still wants to expose Jamie Mack for having low self-esteem. He wants Jamie Mack to know that he is loved. This is a perfect setup for my topic of being a more virtuous human being. In my quest to make us all better people, we discuss virtue. Not in the biblical sense...We just mean being an all around good guy. As usual Jaye Smooth, the Christian, is the most reluctant. From courage to honesty, Jaye Smooth only proves to me that religion has nothing to do with moral compass. Virtue can be had by a person of little to no faith as easily as a believer. Jaye Smooth thinks he is virtuous because he tips Jesus. Not only does he tithe, he provides an offering on most Sundays as well.

MisterJ is back on the show to give Jaye Smooth a chance to redeem himself in No Nonsense Trivia. Fattening Jaye is surprisingly not as easy as you think it would be.

Jamie Mack wants us to choose between unlimited sex and unlimited money. This is a no-brainer for me and Jaye Smooth. Mack needs some convincing.

Last we answer our Question-The-Nonsense submissions. I think we finally did a good job of keeping it short....


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