No More Recommendations

No More Recommendations

Episode #545 šŸ¤’ I’m sick but the show must go on. So we could have just given you Smooth and Mack. But I am not sure that motorcycle would stand up. So instead, I brought on Kit to fill space that I could not. I got the flu and Mack recommended a medicine to get me better quickly. Now if you listen to this show, you know that Mack gives awful movie reviews. The most awful. In fact, you should never watch a movie that Mack recommends. So why would I trust Mack when it comes to medicine? I shouldn’t have. I bought his recommendation. Then I did my research.

Smooth says he has never gotten sick and has never gotten a flu shot. Well, do STDs count?

Kit came on the show for the sole purpose of giving Smooth the business. After hearing his awful display on last week’s premium, she didn’t want to settle for a voicemail.

No More Recommendations TNNS#545

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