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“No Longer My” Baby Shower

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
"No Longer My" Baby Shower

The No Nonsense Show Episode #795

Black Friday came and went and nobody seemed to leave their home. Does that mean that the country didn’t spend for Black Friday? Does that mean that the country is in trouble? Is this another sign of the end of our run?

French thinks Americans are insane by nation. We have all been programmed to be clinically insane. Look at the amount of narcissists that have taken over social media. Even baby mommas bragging about trapping dudes in a baby that isn’t yours. If we have to have a baby shower when I am the dad, can we have a ceremony for when we find out I’m no longer the dad?

“No Longer My” Baby Shower #TNNS795

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