No Humpy For Old Men #TNNS376

Episode #376
Jaye Smooth convinced us to try a sexual stimulant pill last week, Mack and I took him up on his challenge. Titanium 4000 was said to be the greatest innovation this side of Viagra. It lasts 8 days, produces excellent bed results and all without the normal headache that you apparently get from these types of pills. Now unlike Jaye Smooth, we have not had issues with our package pointing northernly. But we were game considering the 5 star review that Smooth and his uncle provided us. I can go on record that if you spend 9.99 on this pill, you will have the most expensive pee in the world. The results were lackluster and in fact, all I noticed was more semen than usual. And I mean it was a lot more than usual (think Peter North). Okay, not that much but it was noticeable. My conclusion is when your junk has lost its spunk, don't get in a funk. Maybe it's time to set it out to pasture. There is truly no country for old men.
We go on to discuss what we would be willing to give up sex for. Ths list is short. Much shorter than I thought it would be....


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