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No Devil on My Shoulder

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
No Devil on My Shoulder

The No Nonsense Show Episode #657

Now we know why Mack doesn’t ever do any show business. He get caught watching first 48. He claims he is addicted. I may have seen 2 episodes in my entire life. If you know how it will end, how could you be addicted to it?

Shout out to MLK and Betty White. Both had birthdays. Both are leaving a legacy. Martin for his leadership and forethought into race relations in this country…and Betty for being old as sh&%

French is tired of people saying that men don’t want a strong woman. Financially independent women seem to not be able to keep a man according to most social media pages. But Reggy sees no issue in a woman making more and being more.

We find out exactly how much he is spending on his graduate degree and discuss the worthiness of its completion.

I learned that I only have one conscience. Whereas Mack has the “angel” side and the “devil” side. I only have an angel. Maybe this is why I am considered to be wholesome and everyone else is going to hell.

Would you like to know the makeup of a hemorrhoid? Tune in.

No Devil On My Shoulder #TNNS657

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