Nice Legs Nihilist

Nice Legs Nihilist

Episode #527 Jaye Smooth ruined the beginning of our show by showing Jamie Mack a video of a woman getting killed by a police officer. Then he transitions this to a topic about rewarding bad behavior? You know like Kim becoming a billionaire from a sex tape. And the downfall and resurgence of Robert Downy Jr. And the clap back of the woman that dropped smooth off and coming back to propose to him. In other words, I have no idea how this fits. Just let him get his one topic a year out. The year is almost over.

Jaye Smooth has graduated. He no longer is just a 7 from the neck up. He is going into 2020 with a new attitdue of self love. That being said. there are other parts of his body that he is now fond of.

Is Forex trading a scam? French Reggy writes in to inspire our finance talk this week. He has heard a lot about Forex trading and has also seen many too-good-to-be-true marketing ploys come across his timeline. So we dig into the idea a little. Jaye Smooth offers something called cost price average but then never explains what it is. We end up with a common buy low, sell high strategy. This is why we limit ourselves to podcasting.

Jamie Mack realizes that he is a nihilist. After all of these years, he gets back to his roots. WITMOL (What is the meaning of life?)

Nice Legs Nihilist #TNNS527

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