New Face, Just Like The Old Face #TNNS312

New Face, Just Like The Old Face #TNNS312

I would consider our show to be pretty fair and balanced. In most cases, we don’t have a clear side that we default to in an argument…unless that side is opened minded and logical. However, the new face of white supremacy has forced us to immediately take a side no matter how outrageous it becomes. You don’t get to drive a car into a group of people without people being pretty judgmental about the type of person you are. It leads us to the question, how much has the supremacy agenda changed in the past 60 years? Is being quiet the same as being complicit? Who needs to answer for the injustices? Should anyone answer or should black people move away and form a new sovereign region?

This week we bring our Question The Nonsense segment to the Tuesday show. Have a question that you want to ask the hosts? Send it to mailbag


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