You are currently viewing New Coochie Has That New Car Smell #TNNS217

New Coochie Has That New Car Smell #TNNS217

New Coochie Has That New Car Smell #TNNS217

Jaye Smooth is trying to stop cursing. He wants to use the show as his petri dish and wants us to support him in cleaning up his act. We didn’t get 5 minutes in without him reverting back to his old ways. We need to figure out a way to punish him. He comes up with him getting a money shot. Who is going to administer that?

We briefly discuss our first week in the Adult Basketball league. After we prayed before the game (I didn’t participate like Colin Kaepernick), we got to the quick relief of Jaye Smooth. He lasted somewhere around 100 seconds but actually didn’t do too bad.

Finally to our topic, Jamie Mack wants to unpack why new kitty is better than old kitty. If you have been a long time listener to this show, you know that Jaye lives and dies by this motto. But what exactly is new kitty and when does it become old kitty? Jaye Smooth has an inability to explain this without using an inappropriate analogy. In his opinion, women are like cars. Depending on how many maintenance visits she has had, new kitty becomes old kitty quickly and loses that new car smell.

We also briefly go over the value of kitty and why I have it listed so low. This valuation has led me to make many sensible decisions when it comes to women and I want to share it with the world.

Next Jaye Smooth wants to talk about how small this big world actually is. Apparently, he has gotten caught out there. He has been out here in these streets for far too long and has now doubled up on friends. Friends of friends who know each other and also know him are now comparing notes. This gets messy when he has dated one and is trying to date another one of them now. Stay off of the internet. It makes the world smaller....


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