#NetflixSoBlack #TNNS358

Episode #358
Not since the 60’s has there been so much protest and disruptive behavior. Every week a new campaign calling for the strike or protest of some company hits our timelines. If it isn’t a clothing company being racially insensitive, it is an online movie streaming service disrespecting someone. If you read that as if I were siding with the protestors, let me stop you right there. I am a shareholder of Netflix stock. I believe in their product wholeheartedly. I agree that Monique is not as much of a draw as Amy Schumer. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of Amy Schumer’s comedy at all. However, I do recognize that she has selling power. That also doesn't mean that Netflix is biased to keep black people out of the game. In fact, sifting through the pages and pages of Netflix original content, I see many shows with black leads. And that is just original content that Netflix produced or paid for the rights to. There are too many to count black B-Movie examples of how un-racist Netflix is. This protest lacks any real victim other than the person calling for it.
French Reggy sees the shift in woman power being a leading line for women to step forward and start proposing to men. It isn’t that he is afraid. He thinks it is only right to make things more equal. Jaye Smooth claims that he has been proposed to more than 3 times. He also says that he has proposed many times. According to his records, there were mostly yes answers…But why isn’t he married?
I have reassessed my theory that women are poised for the coming of a new age. There just hasn’t been any real steam to this movement. They are only attacking ball players, singers, and movie guys. Where are the real names? Where are the “privileged” people? You can’t move the needle with low ranking millionaires. As much as I wanted to support your campaign, it looks like you didn't bring enough guns.
E and ADT from The LIT Show join us....


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