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Neaux More Smoothie

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Neaux More Smoothie

The No Nonsense Show Episode #656

French Reggy and Mack take shots of Kit’s new bottle of tequila. Yes, I am snitching because my wife is a bully. And I don’t want to be in the wake of this explosion.

Jaye Smooth is absent due to COVID safety protocol. We figured he wasn’t being a good patient and called him on it. We contacted him because Jamie Mack wanted me to walk him down the road of his inability to stay at home. Mack couldn’t resist and started a feverish run. We may never know how many people Smooth has contaminated.

Neauxshit (the first Smoothie) joins us to give us an update on her card carrying Smoothie status. It’s been a while since we heard her voice. Luckily Pappa Smurf was still online to greet her. I’m not so sure she didn’t denounce her membership somewhere along the way.

In our Discord room, she is usually the one that posts political commentary. So obviously, we talk about the recent Trump BS. Was the siege an inside job? Should social media be able to take down a man? What about a whole app? I have some pushback about the morality of it all.

A week ago I discussed my disgust with black business. Well now I have an addendum to my exclusion of black businesses. Don’t worry, I think you will be pleased with my new position.

Mack wants to know who gets credit for good head. The header or the headee? Does it matter who does all the work?

Neaux More Smoothie #TNNS656

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