You are currently viewing Natural Women And The Smell Of Onions #TNNS191

Natural Women And The Smell Of Onions #TNNS191

Natural Women And The Smell Of Onions #TNNS191

So the choice is between Trump and Hillary, the Confederate flag still flies on some government buildings, and police still brutalize black people. Even still, Jamie Mack wants to know if we would rather be black or Middle Eastern? I think this is a no-brainer. Jaye Smooth has an issue with not wearing deodorant. So you know which one he picks.

Jaye smooth wants to figure out if prostate milking will help him be faithful and settle down. According to an article he read (or ghostwrote), there are some men who need to have this done in order to truly love their woman.

As usual, he didn't prepare anything for this topic so we are forced to improvise. We move to discussing whether or not there is ever an excuse to slap a bitch. Sure, with the current laws as they are, it is heavily frowned upon for a man to ever do anything physical to a woman. But there have to be exceptions, right? We channel the “rule of thumb”.

Lastly, Jaye Smooth proves how bad of a friend he is. He received a call from someone in tears about her ex-boyfriend quickly getting over her. She is sitting in her ex-boyfriend’s driveway pouring out her feelings after seeing him with his new woman. Jaye Smooth proceeds to not only diss her…He also tells the story on the podcast. Eventually, he asks us how we would react if we saw our ex out with her new man. In my mind, no relationship is over until I’m done....


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