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Nas Nabs Nabs Girl #MLL036

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Nas Nabs Nabs Girl #MLL036

Episode #36

Nas has taken Trey Songz title as Mr Steal Your Girl. Christal is in full support of Jessica Santos upgrading from the DJ to Nas. B-Honest believes snitching on your side chick to Page Six is slightly feminine but not wrong. Kevin steps up and calls a foul on the play.

It’s agreed that Charlemagne da God should make the younger version of himself “Donkey of the Day” while the #metoo movement continues slinging mud on just about every man in entertainment.

B-Honest confesses his own #metoo moment that took place in an Atlanta strip club many years ago. The moment includes a misguided dancer and a very inappropriate “hand gesture” that Amber Rose accused Kanye of years ago. Kevin throws up in his mouth and Christal wants restitution for the stripper.

She also wants you to smoke weed before watching “Sorry to bother you”.

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