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Naked Shrooms

The No Nonsense Show Episode #608

So now French Reggy denies being a man of the Chinese bath house. I could have sworn he was a regular of the baths and the happy ending. You're telling me that for the low low price of 50 dollars, you weren't hanging out every weekend?

Kit joins us for trivia. But hangs around to tell us why she wouldn't date another race. No Top Ramen.

Jamie Mack gets on Kit and Reggy because as much as everyone gives him hate for dating a light skin woman, they are doing the same. French is dating a very fair skinned woman but is trying to, in his words, "cape for dark skinned women.

Jamie Mack went to the west coast where weed is legal and not surprisingly began to ponder the purpose and existence of time zones. Is it possible to exist in all of the zones simultaneously?

Meanwhile, French Reggy is getting high with his mother. That episode was actually tame compared to the time he got naked and did shrooms in the woods with a homeboy.

Mack wants to know if we were white, would we exploit our white privilege?

Naked Shrooms #TNNS608

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