You are currently viewing My Woman Fell In Love With Her Side Chick #TNNS163

My Woman Fell In Love With Her Side Chick #TNNS163

My Woman Fell In Love With Her Side Chick #TNNS163

When I grow up...
Love for the side chick
Wonder why they call you bitch

Did you grow up to be the man that you thought you would be? Jamie Mack wants to discuss his disbelief with having lived this long. I am sure most of us did not recognize our childhood dreams for ourselves. Astronaut, Doctor, Cowboy? What about a guy that carries a briefcase?
Meanwhile, who is moving to Eritrea to get a gang of sister wives? No one? Yeah, it was probably an internet hoax. But we discuss this and women who have used baby powder on their pink parts. No downtown for them.

Next, we discuss allowing your wife to step out on you with another woman. Is this okay even if she lets you know but is not willing to include you? I don’t know who would turn this down unless she falls in love. Experiencing the other side of this is tough. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Last Jaye Smooth wants to know why we are so comfortable calling women bitches in the current era. Jaye Smooth wants to blame rap music for this new phenomenon. I am not sure if this was even a good topic considering Jaye Smooth uses the word so much. Oh well. Just more evidence that Smooth is never going to submit good topics....


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