You are currently viewing My Wife Chose Me Because Of My Print #TNNS79 with guest, Kit

My Wife Chose Me Because Of My Print #TNNS79 with guest, Kit

Jaye Smooth starts the show off using the platform to talk about Jamie Mack in his own words “unlimitlessly”. Jamie Mack was not in the studio for this show and Jaye could not help himself.

Our first topic is Mayweather and Pacquiao. How did you guys see the fight? Was it boring or expected? Did you want Mayweather to lose just because of his arrogance? Is this fight franchise really worthy of a rematch?

Next, we discuss people faking their life on social media. I am sure that social media wasn't created with intentions to make some people feel less than. But the effect has become this. The crazy part about it is that most of the people who are so hell-bent on making everyone else feel less than has no business doing so. Most of them are probably more unfortunate than people they are offending. Please don't allow your “friends” on Facebook to alter your image of yourself. Most of these people aren’t really doing that well. The only place they have the ability to do this is on social media. Let them have their one place to be fraudulent without allowing the negative effects to creep into your mind.

Last we speak about whether or not you would allow your girl to go to a nude beach by herself. At least if you were there, she would have to sneak wandering eyes to see anything. But alone, she would get an eye full. Is this okay with you? Also, we discuss why my wife chose me....


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