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My Wife Can’t Have A Work Husband #TNNS59

Jaye Smooth starts the show talking about a friend/coworker that died recently. He is beginning to reflect on his life. He gives the advice that since time truly flies, it is important to live life to its fullest and impact the lives that you touch.

Jaye Smooth decides to change his life one sugar-free energy drink at a time.

Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth work together to Fatten Jaye Up With Knowledge through No Nonsense Trivia.

On to the show…How do you feel about your girlfriend or boyfriend talking and confiding with the opposite sex at work? Is it okay to have a platonic relationship with someone at work? Are work husbands and work wives considered all right?

What would it take for you to trust that they will be able to maintain a completely nonsexual relationship even during the bad times in your relationship?

Jaye Smooth has apparently had many work wives and work divorces. Jamie Mack remembers a call center he worked for where everyone there was dealing with work spouses.

Dwight Howard is the subject of much ridicule from the recent video of him grabbing Isaiah Cannon’s man parts on the sideline of a game. We talk about how acceptable this behavior is. Can you do this type of thing and continue to maintain respect from heterosexual guys? Is it possible that he is just really playful?

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