My Jaye Smooth, Your Jaye Smooth #TNNS460

Episode #460

Carry over from Tuesday's show, Jaye Smooth is still popping off about 1stAlleyKat. So we get her on the Slack Phone. The tension mounts as the argument ensues. Am I the only that sees the difference between real confidence and a puffy chest? Guess which one of those is Jaye Smooth. He is still so insecure. So we push a little farther to see if he is ready to come out about his love for alternate men. I come with stats to hopefully cure his anxiety.

Mack wants to know if it is better to work with a mixed office or an all male office. He is finding joy in having nothing but hard legs in the office. They trade war stories and nudie pictures. On the other end, I work around 98% women. Although we don't trade girlie flicks, I use this situation to my advantage.

French is competing with Jaye Smooth for coming up with the worst topics of all time. I know that Smooth has not offered a topic in months. But do you guys remember how bad they used to be? French isn't far off. Mack takes ownership since French Reggy sits on the same side of the podcast table as him. It's almost like French is the Jaye Smooth of his side of the table. In taking him under his wing, he forces me to stick up for My Jays Smooth. And thus we have another event. It is funny how these events keep happening on the premium show. So from this day forward and until French steps up and becomes his own man...he is Jamie Mack's Jaye Smooth. I have my Jaye Smooth and Mack has his. Let the topic shaming begin.


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