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My First Piece Was The Worst Piece

The No Nonsense Show Episode #576

Jamie Mack calls me a Smoothie for the last time. I have to explain the way the hierarchy is broken down. You can guarantee that I am not a Smoothie.

Jamie Mack wants to know whether or not we changed after getting our first piece of poon. Some people stick their chests out farther. Some people walk with more confidence. And some people don't want more for a while. For some people, their first piece was the worst piece.

Smooth wants us to help him with a modern day slow tape. He doesn't think any of the new artists have the abikitly to make baby-making music. We go through our lists.

Reggy has ambitiously set his wedding day for 5 years from now. But he has questions.
Pre Show Workout

My First Piece Was The Worst Piece #TNNS576

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