My Best Days Are Behind Me #TNNS341


My Best Days Are Behind Me #TNNS341

Jamie Mack wants to know whether or not you can change a racist's mind. I'm not sure I want to. People have been tribal since the beginning of time and probably will remain so. I am wondering if people are really thinking about race as much as black people think they are.

Philosophically speaking, are your best days ahead of you or in your rearview mirror? This is a very sensitive topic for men of our age (not counting the youngun). I feel like I have barely lived. My co-hosts feel otherwise. Jaye Smooth feels like it is all conditional on whether he can get a penis prescription. Sorry Mack, you will never dunk again.

French Reggy rubs in how old we are by asking if we want to be walked out to pasture in a nursing home or at our kid's home. Honestly, I am pretty independent and would hope that I can get around well enough to live alone. Jaye Smooth wants to be the Senior Living Community Gigolo. Meanwhile French Reggy is not going to take care of his parents.




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