You are currently viewing My Barber Used to Smash My Wife #TNNS162

My Barber Used to Smash My Wife #TNNS162

My Barber Used to Smash My Wife #TNNS162

Peace Offering
Internet for dummies
Cut your hair and your wife

Today Jamie Mack brings Jaye Smooth a peace offering to quiet the recent beef that they have been having. Jaye Smooth uses this opportunity to take advantage of Mack’s promise for peace. I discuss my future month of agony while my wife and I eat clean for 30 days. No sugar, bread, or red meat all month long. I am in tears as I type this.
Jaye Smooth wants to discuss O Dubs courting of Rose on the last show. Is Jaye Smooth ready to give permission to O Dub to officially request her hand?
We discuss Chris Rock’s job at the Oscars. We actually talk more about how few good black movies came out last year. And why we think only one of them deserved a nod at all. I am sure some black people will get mad about our take on this.
Next, we discuss our usage of the internet. We look at the trends of internet usage from 2008 and then how they changed by 2014. Each of us definitely uses the net for Social media, email, and porn. What else is there? What are you using the net for?
Last we discuss continuing to go to your barber after learning that he used to sex your wife down. Obviously, this was before you guys got together. The catch is that your stepson was getting his hair cut here long before you and his mother got married. Now the dilemma is whether or not you can keep going to this barber and whether or not you allow your stepson to keep going to this barber....


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