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My Ambitionz Az A...

The No Nonsense Show Episode #631

What happens when Mack and I are in the studio by ourselves? We start up the two wheel motorcycle. Well today, we let Smooth and Reggy try out their two wheel motion. Decide for yourselves whether they are on a motorcycle or a moped. 

Mack wants to know if he needs to go to anger management. His family has let him know that the way he speaks to them is out of control. So he wants to know if the world has become soft (that isn’t the word he used)? It may be that he needs to adjust the way he communicates. At least that is what Reggy thinks. Funny that the age group of the people he is talking about fits right in line with Reggy’s age.

Mack wants to know if power or the desire for power allows a person to perform homosexual acts without actually being homosexual? For instance, there are many music industry power houses that have been rumored to take power by having men perform homosexual acts on them. Does participating in that act make you a homosexual or is there the ability to separate from that when power is at stake? 

Ambition will have you do crazy things. But is there a limit to true ambition? If you aren’t willing to do ANYTHING to realize your dream, maybe you aren’t chasing the right dream.

My Ambitionz Az A… #TNNS631

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