Mt Rushmore Of Tolerance

Mt Rushmore Of Tolerance

Episode #537 Two wheeled perfection. Two wheeled something. No matter what it isn’t a three-legged anything. We are missing one, but that means we are more agile.

How do we punish kids that are doing something that we are glad they do at school? So your kid gets picked on and they retaliate just as you secretly want them to. Do you punish? Shout out to the parents that beat their kid because they don’t want their kids to fight someone else.

Jamie Mack used to get beaten all the time. Especially the time he tried to burn down his dad’s attempt to get Mack out of the hood. The police were called and Mack’s dad was prepared to send him with the police.

Somehow we get on the topic of the first four letters of the sexual identity alphabet. Is it time for us to draw a line and name our Mt Rushmore of Sexual Identity?

Mt Rushmore Of Tolerance #TNNS537

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