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Most Unhealthy Longest Living Humans

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Most Unhealthy Longest Living Humans

The No Nonsense Show Episode #696

Smooth is out again. We know that this time is actually for a good reason. However, this makes the time it wasn’t necessary to miss a glaring reality that we truly can’t be best brothers. To be a best brother, you have to be able to call u memories that have been shared. If you have to go back to high school to speak about your relationship, perhaps you aren’t best anything.

Are Third World countries third because of the land or because of the people? I have an idea that if you transplanted all of Georgia to the third world, it would no longer be the third world. The argument on the other side is that systemic control plays more of a part in third world than anything. So what does this say about the heart of red blooded Americans.

French Reggy thinks that Social Media companies should impose blackout hours on the masses to control how dangerous social is on our brains. Mack thinks that the opportunity for reeling it in is long gone. I thin we should count our sedentary blessings. We are the most unhealthy yet longest living humans of all time.

Most Unhealthy Longest Living Humans #TNNS696

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