Mosquitos Are Too Small To Have Souls #TNNS513

Episode #513 Jamie Mack does not care about black people.For the second time...he allegedly got someone more high than they needed to be. Allegedly! French Reggy is on vacation so Mack assumed he had been celebrating everyday since coming home. He hadn't and now he i sin over his head.

Aspirin or NyQuil? How would you end it? Maybe an entire bottle of Jose Cuervo? Can you see the humor in that? Yeah, me either. But Reggy found all of this utterly hilarious. He goes on to explain the paranormal. Which beings or animals have the potential to have a ghost? Mosquitos are obviously too small to have souls.

When was the moment that you knew you were a man? Was there a specific memory? Was it slow and gradual or quick and forgettable? In todays landscape, you could probably just identify as a man. No work necessary.


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