You are currently viewing More People Should Discipline Their Kids In Public#TNNS120 with guest Snowflake

More People Should Discipline Their Kids In Public#TNNS120 with guest Snowflake

American Bully
The Red Cross Lied
Public Humiliation

Jamie Mack starts the show off talking about America the bully. Because of how we carry ourselves around the world, he is terrified of the retribution that may come to us as payback. How long do Americans think we can continue treating the world like this before we are punched in the mouth?
Americans banded together for 9/11 because it was done on our soil. But will the rest of the world soon band together against us?

Jaye Smooth compares 9/11 to Pearl Harbor again and now we know why. He went to Hawaii recently and visited the Pearl Harbor Museum. He wants the world to know and deserves credit for having a valid point.

Next Snow Flake and I battle in No Nonsense Trivia. Oh boy. Jaye Smooth picked the questions.

Next, We talk about The Red Cross and their flop of support in Haiti. 500 Million was donated and only 6 homes were built with that money. Basically, the Red Cross lied and misappropriated the funds. Why do people keep believing in these foundations? I consider this a white problem because I don’t think too many black people donate to the Red Cross.

Last we speak about parents publicly humiliating their kids on the internet. How is this okay. We listen to a clip of a man calling out the people who feel like this is okay. In my mind this just an ego thing for the parents. They like being told that they are a hero by random strangers online. Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth are riding for the butt whooping. Snowflake and I fell like there are better ways to discipline.



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