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Mo’Nique Needs To Netflix And Chill #MLL013

Music Love Life
Music Love Life
Mo'Nique Needs To Netflix And Chill #MLL013

Episode #13

Sex robots are much more desirable than sex dolls or so says B Honest. But he insists on one that’s built right so he can hit it from the back because looking at a sex robot in the eyes while utilizing her abilities would just feel wrong. Kevin isn’t sold on anything short of his own familiar hand & palm. B Honest pushes the envelope further and suggests sex robots could put an end to pedophilia. Christal cringes and attempts to make it stop.

No one is here for Mo’Nique’s Netflix shenanigans, although Kevin came close to shedding 1/2 a tear. He does, however, support J Holiday as a performer while Christal & B Honest suggest putting the R&B crooner’s complaints to bed.

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